What Part of the Journey Are You In?

The average age of our Diva is 43.

She is in a time of her life where she’s ready to do something for her. She may or may not have spent years caring for everyone else, often putting herself and her dreams on the back burner.

Her inner adventurer wants to come out and play. She still has vitality and her spirit is as passionate as it was in younger days. There is so much more life and love to give and she sees just how important it is to breathe that life and to give herself that love.

She may just now be realizing that doing things for herself isn’t selfish, it’s necessary. She might be looking back at all the years she devoted to her family, her job, her responsibilities… and she might now be thinking that she’s tired of the expectations. She’s in a time of her life that she wants to set a new standard.


She wants to feel those moments of freedom. Crossing the finish line at the Diva Du showed her that she’s still strong. Completing such a feat proved that making a choice to put her own needs on her calendar was a good decision, it was an empowering decision; it proved that the little flicker of wonder and excitement is just waiting to turn into a huge flame that burns through her comfort zones and shows her she can do something even greater!

Our Divas are every age. We are every woman who seeks to live in the moment, encouraging and empowering other women to do the same.

Our Divas are powerful. We are driven. We are passionate. We understand how important it is to lift up other women, because we’re the only ones who truly know what it means to be a woman. We understand how important encouragement, camaraderie and compassion are.

The average age of our Diva may be 43, but every one of us shares her journey.

When we pass each other on the course, we see a reflection of that journey, past, present or soon to be.

Thank you Divas for sharing that journey with us!

Cori Moore, RD
#divadu #youcan