An Ode of Appreciation to Our Athletes...

I've got two athletes tapering for Ironman Chattanooga right now, their first full distance. I just watched a handful of my beginners complete their first triathlon, ever.

Elite Coach, Lora Popolizio with iTRI365 athlete, Emi Beaudoin

Elite Coach, Lora Popolizio with iTRI365 athlete, Emi Beaudoin

Our elite coach, Lora Popolizio, has been watching her coaching pay off with podiums through our elite and pro athlete arena. 

There's not much that can compare to the joy and sense of fulfillment of watching and experiencing your athletes succeed through training and racing. The same rush of pride happens when an athlete learns how to clip in as the moment one earns placement. It's directly related to their progress. The closest I can compare this feeling to is how I feel as a parent, watching my children learn.

Athletes look to coaches for direction, guidance, assurance and accountability. We work hard to provide that. We are emotionally invested in these amazing people! We're human, we make mistakes and we still learn as we go - still navigating through motivational, mental tactics as well as sharpening and honing into set structure. 

Just as an athlete with a ton of talent and no work ethic will not succeed; neither will a brilliant coach with no connection to her athletes. iTRI365 has been consistently working to build our team around a philosophy of inclusion, education, enthusiasm and patience. We have the heavy hitters - the athletes who are here to win. We also have the relaxed, non-competitive personalities who are here for the community, and everything in between. Either way, our mission is the same: to bring a plan that fits into the life and goals of our athletes. 

Coach Ryan encouraging iTRI365 athlete Robin Salars

Coach Ryan encouraging iTRI365 athlete Robin Salars

Our team is growing and we're excited about that. Our athletes are progressing - in both life and sport. We're a lucky and blessed group of coaches. It's an honor to be a part of a journey that touches more deeply than just a training plan.

A thank you to all of our athletes who have trusted us with their goals! You are appreciated and loved!

"A goal without a plan... is just a wish."

Cori Moore
iTRI365 Coach