The Truth About the Diva Du

Many of you have heard the joke about myself and Emerald, brainstorming over wine and coming up with this concept of the Diva Du. Hosting it at a winery was just icing on the cake!


However, if we get serious for a second, the truth is that one of my greatest passions and deep-rooted dreams, is to help women see and acknowledge their own potential. I’ve coached dozens of women over the years, but if you really dial it in, it was never about the sport, or the weight loss, or the staff management. It was about pushing them to see what I saw - that they could do ANYTHING if they truly wanted to.

The day Emerald and I came up with the concept, pitched it to the rest of the team and moved forward, was the day I saw a chance to make a difference in women’s lives on a bigger scale. That’s my ultimate goal in this life. I want people to look back at my life and say that I contributed to making this world better. That I dedicated time and energy into helping other women feel empowered.

We get messages all the time about skill levels, and whether we think someone can complete the course. My answer is always, YES! Can you? Absolutely! That’s really not the question that needs to be asked. I will always, always tell you, “you can”.

But, what you’re really asking is, “Does someone else believe in me, more than I believe in myself?”

Yes. I do.

The answer though - to whether you really can finish the course - is another question. “Do YOU believe YOU can finish the course?” Because, therein lies the truth - either way. I know that. You also know that, even though you may not be acknowledging it in the moment.

I am aware of the power that comes in passionately believing in someone and the influence it can have. And I feel that we, as women, desperately need to be surrounded by other women who are in the trenches of life with us, telling us, “YES, YOU CAN!”


Once you face a challenge and you succeed - it puts this idea in your head that, “Hey, if I did that, what else can I do?”

This is the mission of the Diva Du.

This is why I work hard to encourage anyone to do it. Sure, the health benefits of exercise are a plus. The wine and food, and music and hype - it’s all fun and incredible! These are great things! We want to give an experience you will remember and appreciate.

But at the end of the day, we dedicated this passion to every woman who chose to step out of her comfort zone and into an often scary and intimidating environment to show her that this is just one amazing accomplishment to prove that you can… can be whoever you want to be. can accomplish whatever you desire. can be terrified, and yet, still… you can.

We plan to continue giving more of these opportunities for you to prove to yourself what we already know. 

More dates and locations to be announced soon!

Always believing,

Cori Moore, RD

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