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Personalized Coaching

iTRI365 provides a team of coaches with the perspective that matching you with the right coach is paramount to your success. We provide nutritional recommendations as well as stress management guidance throughout your training program. Our coaching is versatile and tailored for long distance and local clients. Training plans are supplied on a weekly basis through Training Peaks. Communication and plans are primarily made through email, phone, text and/or Facebook; however, each coach has their own style of coaching, which often includes one-on-one attention as needed. Clients are given access to a private forum and community of other athletes. Our goal is to provide support and structure for our athletes while breaking through physical and mental barriers. Our team of coaches makes an effort to attend races as possible to provide race support to our iTRI365 athletes.

Tier 1 - Customized Coaching - $275 per month

This service is designed for the triathlete, cyclist or other endurance athlete who is looking to improve their performance and seeks a higher level of attention. It is also the right choice for athletes with challenges like complicated work schedules or physical limitations and injuries. This includes power analysis and heart rate based training designed for you by our head coach (Ironman Certified Coach and USAC Certified utilizing WKO4), who is a coach with a proven track record of results within cycling and triathlon, including half and full Ironman distances. We have athletes competing and winning who did not know they were capable of such achievements. If you are looking to find out just how far you can go, or want to succeed despite some limiters, this coaching service is right for you.

  • Unlimited communication with the coach

  • Daily review of workouts files

  • Power based training, testing, and analysis

  • Heart rate based training, testing, and analysis

  • Weekly schedule and schedule revisions as needed

  • Discounts to all camps/clinics/training days

  • In person training for local athletes on a case by case basis as determined by the coach

  • One video stroke analysis free and discounts on subsequent purchases

  • One video run analysis free and discounts on subsequent purchases

  • One nutrition consultation free and discounts on subsequent purchases

  • Free Premium Training Peaks account

  • Discounts on bike fitting services

Tier 2 - Customized Coaching - $200 per month

This service provides personalized, one-on-one coaching by one of our certified coaches. Whether you are a beginner triathlete seeking to learn more about triathlon or a more advanced athlete looking to improve your performance from swimming to bike training, or achieve a new race distance, we can help.

  • Weekly review of workout files

  • Weekly communication with your coach

  • Heart rate based training, testing, and analysis

  • Weekly schedule with one revision if necessary

  • Discounts on bike fitting, stroke analysis, run analysis, and nutrition counseling

  • Discounts on camps/clinics/training days

  • In person training for local athletes on an as needed basis (coach determined)

Tier 3 - Quarterly Training Plan - $295 per 3 months

This flat rate plan is for the budget minded athlete who is looking to complete a specific race. This applies to all Ironman distances, cycling specific training, duathlons and all endurance/multisport racing. You will receive a three month plan, personalized for you, along with a monthly email correspondence with your coach to answer questions. This plan is suitable for the athlete that has a relatively stable schedule and is not injury prone.

  • Receive a personalized 3 month training plan based on your athlete questionnaire and interview

  • Once a month email communication with a coach

  • Discounts on all other services: bike fitting, run/stroke analysis, nutrition consultation

  • Discounts on all camps/clinics/training days

Don't need coaching but just want a plan to follow? Contact Coach Cori Moore (itri365@gmail.com) for race specific pre-written training plans. 

Swim Instruction

$30 per session |  $150 for 6 sessions

Instruction is offered for both pool and open water environments. iTRI365 has two dedicated swim instructors who are both triathletes and Masters Swim Instructors. We utilize Fun Forest Park, UT Tyler, Lake Tyler and the YMCA for teaching.

**Discounts may be offered for group settings.

For more information or to begin this journey, contact Cori Moore at 903-372-2330 or itri365@gmail.com


Cheryl and her new baby, "Squishy"

Cheryl and her new baby, "Squishy"

Cheryl Schmitt
iTRI365 athlete, triathlete and mother

Why I have a coach…who happens to be a great friend…for my multisport training:

1)      Because she pushes me just the right amount but not too much.

2)      Because she knows where I am more than I do.  Today was my first “run” back after baby.  At first I looked at it and rolled my eyes.  Seriously that is ALL she thinks I can do.  Well I will eat my humble pie.  That WAS all I could do.  Well without over doing it and possibly hurting myself anyway. 

3)      Because she listens and wants to know all the details.  She asks all the right questions and the answers (even the silly ones) all mean something to her.

4)      She gets results.  Not only with me but with other athletes she coaches.

Here I go again…on this crazy quest to compete in a triathlon.  I am so glad I have the right coach behind me in this.

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