Our experience with iTri365 has been fantastic from start to finish! From timing to helping prepare, they have it covered. We have been particularly impressed with Cori’s marketing expertise through maximizing social media results, in turn increasing our overall participation numbers. Emerald has been equally instrumental helping with purchase orders preparing for our big day. Tyler Run for Autism looks forward to working with iTri365 Timing and Event Productions for many years to come!
— Misty Wooldridge - President of Tyler Run for Autism

Pre-Race Services
Online Registration
Custom Event Landing Page
Packet Pickup and Race Day Registration
Race Insurance
Volunteer coordination and signup
Contingency planning
Marketing and promotion
Race Route Planning and more

Race Day Services
Start/Finish Line Setup
Race Day Registration
Electronic Race Timing
DJ and Announcer
Equipment Rentals and Installation
...and more.

Metal barricades
Sponsor banners
Results tent
Announcer Laptop
Results Kiosk
Digital Race Clock
Bike racks for transition
Chip timing tags
Race bibs and more.


The Stress-Less Package

$6000 + $2.50/registered runner for one distance

Okay, we know you're going to stress on some level, but we'd rather you focus that energy on your sponsorships and let us handle all those maddening details involved with event management. It's what we love to do! And we do it a lot so we've learned a few things along the way that make this process quite a bit less stressful. This package is ideal for someone who doesn't have the time or possibly the know-how for putting an event together. If fundraising isn't the mission, this is an exceptional deal for the company who wants to focus on awareness.

The Hands-On Package - $1500

You're a go-getter, a get-sh!t-done kind of person and you don't need or want someone else putting their hands on everything. You just need a little guidance so that you can put your own badass spin on your event. You're in our soul family and we created this package with you in mind. You might not have all the answers to event planning but you're smart enough to know that if you could just pick the brain of the experts, you could create it as good or better than anyone. We got ya covered! In this package you get that step-by-step manifesto along with access to our team through our RAD Sessions (short for radical thinking, outside the box brainstorming to make you stand out) and access to us throughout your planning process.

The Hardcore DIY Package - $500

You might be working with a tight budget; you might have the Committee of the Gods; or you just might not feel like you need anything more than a checklist. Hey, we don't judge! We made this package mainly because we often get approached by small town race planners who aren't able to front the cost that other planners can. While this might be ideal for an experienced planner who is dabbling in the race industry, we chose to offer this with the budget-conscious in mind. This package holds the step-by-step manifesto. We don't get to play in the sandbox with you on this package, but if you get into it and realize you're too overwhelmed, you can always apply your purchase towards another package that does let us have fun with you in your process!

RAD Session - $500

So you read about this in the Hands-On package and you're thinking, "The RAD Session!!! THAT'S all I really need!" Well, you're in luck. This is what we live for! Seriously. This is, hands down, the most fun aspect of what we do. There are so many races out there now; you HAVE to find a way to be different and stand out. We're also athletes who have raced hundreds of races over the years. We have both perspectives. We love to jump in, roll up our sleeves and get dirty with our clients. This is a 2-hour intense session where we dive into the world of possibility. We require a fairly in-depth form to be filled out prior to this session so we can prepare ahead of time and not waste those precious minutes asking exploratory questions. Be prepared to hear us get excited over ideas, ask you the hard questions and ultimately help you see where the magic can happen in your race. As with the DIY package, if we get into this and you realize you need more help, we allow you to apply this RAD Session purchase towards another package.

Email Emerald Bragg to start the process towards your first RAD Session at


For the Love of God, How Much to Just Time My Race???

Sorry, we get a little carried away with race planning. We love supporting our Race Directors through race timing, too! We have two options for timing. Super simple or the bells and whistles. Click on one to learn more.


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